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MusicPoll.ME - About Us

MusicPoll.ME provides a simple and fun way for you to express your musical opinion. It randomly pairs musicians of like Label Type and Genre, displaying them side-by-side with a media player including their full-length songs, inviting you to vote for your favorite musician. MusicPoll.ME also allows its voters to populate the polls and encourages you to enter or update Musicians. Members of MusicPoll.ME enjoy access to poll tallies, commenting, and other features.

Company History

Darren Lyman and Paula Fedyk incorporated MusicPoll.ME in December 2010 as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) in Englewood, Colorado. Since before its inception, the co owners have grown the company by committing to personal involvement with each phase of its development. Their passion for music classlessness, as well as, their clarity on where and how technology can bridge the gap between listeners and artists, has guided them to an idea that will forever change the landscape of the music business.

In 2008 MusicPoll.ME started as an idea shared by two friends interested in a musical revolution. Their idea was the outcome of their extensive research and growing frustration surrounding many aspects of the music “industry”. Their work led them to become especially concerned about the need for listeners to make their true musical opinions known. Their escalating passion inspired them to create a way for music listeners to experience and express their candid opinions about musicians without purchasing tickets, CDs, downloads, or merchandise. They put their combined backgrounds to work and found that they were perfectly suited for the endeavor.

About the Developers

Co owner, Darren Lyman, is an entrepreneur, programmer, and data architect. He owns several self-developed, ecommerce and social websites. He is the Founder, President, and sole developer of FightWithFood.ORG, an online grassroots community dedicated to ending world hunger. Since its inception in 2008, FightWithFood.ORG’s online presence has organically grown to include over 5,000 people. Darren is also the Founder and Director of Mile High Artists, originally a Denver-based booking and talent agency, which has evolved into a talent development and networking community.

Co owner, Paula (Fedyk) Rodriguez, has over ten years of operations management and consulting experience in information management. She is currently a student of Law & Society/Business at the University of Denver. Her specialties include organizational development, data management, web design, database design, project management, business redesign, change facilitation, and event production.

Together, Paula and Darren co-parent two sets of children. All four of their children contribute the progression of MusicPoll.ME as study subjects, advisors, social media experts, and motivators. Combined with their friends and cousins, their children allow for the constant watch of a diverse and comprehensive spectrum of the next generation of opinionated music lovers.