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MusicPoll.ME makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all poll related data and data collection. We value the input of our users and understand the importance of data integrity, privacy, and security. Our data quality practices include manual and automatic processes designed to identify potential issues. We are also committed to continually evaluating the accuracy and fairness of our polls. All updates will be posted on our website.

• are generated randomly by an automated randomizer
• include two musicians and an option to opt out of voting for either musician
• may be displayed more than once but can only be voted on once

• are considered final upon submission
• are only recorded once per IP address, per session, for exact poll matches that display more than once first in counts

• choose one label type per poll
• choose one genre type per poll
• select one of the two musicians displayed or “neither artist”
• are able to vote after each poll is displayed for more than 30 seconds
• remain anonymous unless they choose to share their polling information via a 3rd party application

• are only displayed free of charge in polls of their label type and genre
• are categorized by self-defined label type
• are sub-categorized by self-defined genre(s)
• may be displayed in one, two, or three genre classifications (depending on their genre selections)
• may be reclassified (label and/or genre) by updating their profile and then submitting an update request to MusicPoll.ME

• “Total Wins”- the number of votes cast for a particular musician
• “Total Polls”- the total number of polls the artist has been displayed as an option (including polls in which the User selects “Neither Artist”)

• depends on Voters and Musicians to provide accurate and truthful information
• reserves the right to exclude data that is questionable and/or suspicious
• descions are final and not subject to appeal
• voting on MusicPoll.ME is free